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God's Will Is Prosperity pdf download

God's Will Is Prosperity. Gloria Copeland

God's Will Is Prosperity

ISBN: 9780938458081 | 178 pages | 5 Mb

Download God's Will Is Prosperity

God's Will Is Prosperity Gloria Copeland
Publisher: Kenneth Copeland Ministries

In this episode of “The Cross & the Jukebox,” Shai and I talk about the prosperity gospel, why it's dangerous, and why it shows up in so many places, including in America's theological export to the African continent. Jesus will release Justice for those who cry to Him day and night (Luke 18:7-8) It is locked within Israel, the economy of prosperity. It follows the Law of Decree to remind us that what we must declare are in the "affirmative" or "Positive". This topic to be properly covered in one blog comment, but I simply wanted to share my journey - one from where I had a unhealthy and unscriptural view against prosperity to one which is hopefully now in line with the heart, mind, and will of God. We then use the wealth to promote more righteousness. Freely I give and freely I receive”. This is saying aloud your positive thoughts. God said He would give him wisdom and understanding as well as riches and fame for the rest of his life, “…if you follow me and obey my decrees and my commands as your father, David, did, I will give you a long life.”(3:14). As time passed, Solomon's kingdom was lavished with prosperity and notoriety, so much so that the Queen of Sheba traveled over 1,000 miles to visit him, and in those days that was quite the trip. This 11 Laws we will have this week I summarized into: Declare, Affirm, Focus, Bless and Enjoy Success and Prosperity! God ordained it and there is nothing man can do to change it. Put God's righteousness first and wealth will come as the by-products. Then we shall be master over wealth and not be enslaved by wealth. This 2nd Thursday of May, we will share the 11th to 21st Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity. Pastor showed us how poverty tempts us to curse God and envy others, while prosperity tempts us to forget God and degrade others. Money is freely circulating in my life.

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